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Calm Ritual Kit

Is the day overwhelming? Stress running you down? You can help calm your mind and rid yourself of the day's stresses with this luxury pack of sleep enhancing products.

In this pack there is a Silk Sleep Mask, Calm Essential Oil Roll On, Calm Tea, and a Calm Tincture to help calm a busy mind and clear your brain from clutter and soothe your mind while you sleep.

Tea Ingredients:
Chamomile, lemon verbena, melissa and lemon myrtle.

Essential Oil Roll On Ingredients:
Jojoba* oil, Lavender oil, mandarin oil, bergamot oil, geranium oil, ylang ylang oil, Atlas cedarwood* oil, Roman chammomile oile, limonenene, linalool, cirtonellol, geraniol, benzyl benzoate.

Calm Homeopathic Tincture Ingredients:
Plumbum met 30C, Hypericum 30C, Anacardium 30C, Platinum 30C, Zinc val 30C, Contains 12% ethanol in distilled water.

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